LaStone Reflexology Christine M. Thorn, D.C., C.R.T
  What is LaStone Therapy?
Clinically, it is the application during massage therapy of deep penetrating heat, with heated stones. Using different temperatures, whether hot or cold, on the body to bring about certain healing responses. This has been done for countless ions.

Specifically, LaStone Reflexology, is the use of hot and cold stones in the reflexology work bringing it to a new level of relaxation for the recipient's feet. In conjunction with specially blended oils for LaStone Therapy, the recipient will begin the process of healing through their soles by bringing within the energies of Mother Earth.

During a treatment, the recipient, fully clothed, will lie on a bed of hot stones along their spine, as well as, hot stones in their hands and on all of the 7 chakras. A full foot reflexology treatment is done solely with the use of hot basalt or cold marble stones depending on the individual needs of the recipient. Auricular (ear) stimulation is also done following the foot reflexology. The recipient then turns over onto their belly and hand reflexology is done. The session ends with a ceremonial closing off of all energies that have been passed on through the use of these healing stones.

Please note that this session requires 75 minutes when booking an appointment.

Session Fee $80.00
Gift Certificates Available
Credit and Debit cards accepted

by appointment only

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